Welcome to the Remington® Cutlery Collector's Club (RCCC). Since their introduction nearly ninety years ago, Remington knives have proven to be some of the most highly prized and collectible ever produced. Today, we proudly offer new models made with the same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Your membership packet includes:
  • Membership card with your personalized number
  • Opportunity to purchase initial offerings of New Member Knife, the RCCC "Knife of the Year," the Junior Member Knife and any other promotions that have been offered
  • Detailed, members-only product information
  • “Remington Cutlery: Past and Present” Booklet
  • Club Decal Sticker
  • The Remington Edge bi-annual newsletter
Thank you for your support of Remington products. We look forward to bringing you exciting new products in the future.

About RCCC

We look forward to bringing you new and exciting cutlery featuring exclusive and limited edition knives that you will love and want to add to your collection. Since the first Remington knife, produced in 1920, there have been dedicated followers of the Remington Brand. We now want to recognize and reward the followers of Remington Arms Company by creating our very own club!

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